Cooler Heads Prevailed…and other myths

Welcome to my new website dedicated to my writing. I’m calling it ”Cooler Heads Prevailed…and other myths” as I called my site located at I’ll be gradually transforming that site to more of a personal landing page for my writing service offerings and to be a hub for some of my other websites. Of course, if you ever need to contact me, you’ll be able to do so from either place.

I got excited to find the domain available the other day. I scooped it up and I’ve been at work migrating my posts over. It will take me a while to finalize the layout and design elements. Thanks for your patience. I’ll get a subscribers area set up as soon as I can. My learning curve is a bit steep right now. This site will be the ongoing repository for my daily posts, and will also become the main discussion website about the topics I write about. And hopefully, calling it cooler heads prevailed…and other myths, will help readers find it since the domain name and url will all match. That’s the hope anyway.

My hope is that my writing will benefit your life. Duh! That’s not to sound as haughty as it looks there in print. I promise. One of the the worst things a person can do is try to pawn off something they think is valuable, or cool, or important on someone who just does not want it!

One of the struggles I’ve had in life is that I’ve always been a born salesman/evangelist. I guess my last name is apropos – though I’ve always said the way it’s spelled it doesn’t mean a damn thing! But, my tendency is to think that whatever I find interesting or think is important becomes the topic that I compulsively share with the people around me. I end up spending way too much time, answering way too many questions that people haven’t even thought up to ask yet. My writing is a bit of an outlet for that tendency, and I’ll find out quickly whether the ideas and discoveries that fascinate are just…for me. I certainly hope that cooler heads prevailed will be a site that speaks to you.

My Poor Kids

My kids have grown used to it by now. But when they were small and we were on a drive, I used their captivity to ”teach and instruct and lecture” about every conceivable topic. They were tolerant for the most part. All of them glaze over now if I began on some long-winded topic they’ve each heard a hundred times. To avoid the chance of that happening, they are careful with the questions they do ask. But that doesn’t keep me from anticipating all the cool and valuable stuff they need to know.

The thing is, I didn’t grow up with parents. I didn’t have anyone to tell me stuff I needed to know. I found out on my own either by reading or hard experience. That childhood deficit, coupled with an insatiable curiosity and a decent memory means I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge about a lot of stuff that I couldn’t trade for a cup of coffee at Starbuck’s probably. But…some of it has changed my life for the good.

I call this site, Cooler Heads Prevailed…and other myths, because only cool heads have a chance to prevail. And because, sometimes, anger and emotion hold the upper hand for a long time. Sometimes it seems like bullies and thugs and cheats prevail. But I really, honestly don’t believe that’s the case in the long run. And yeah, I believe in the long run.

this image is from the inside of a bar in Charleston, SC. Every square inch of surface is covered with dollar bills, stickers and signs. One sign says, "Hippies Use Side Door" with an arrow pointing to the right.
This is one of my favorite photos of one of my favorite bars, The Gryphon in Charleston, SC. Remember, hippies, side door!

A couple other things about the name. I love hippies! I was one and I still am one at heart and always will be. I’ve met some incredibly cool heads in my life, including one Ken Kesey when he was still alive (but that’s another story for another day). The name is a tip of the cap to cool heads everywhere.

And finally, I think the dialectic is a lost art. Hell, it’s a lost word. Simply put, it’s the attempt to arrive at understanding – and hopefully Truth – by talking, by a dialogue. It usually consists of 2 points of view in the classical sense, but it’s not limited to two by necessity. Each questioning the other, respectfully, in a quest to arrive at a more perfect, joint understanding of the topic of discussion.

I didn’t call this site, ”Cooler Head Prevailed”…but ”Heads”. The more heads the better as far as I’m concerned. But remember, what we really all want to know is, “Are you kind”.

If you’re here reading this, you have the right to share. Do so with a comment. Or send me a longer message with the Contact page if you like. I am here to learn and to receive as much as I am to share and to give. If you abuse the comments (by abusing me, or anyone else who happens to comment or reply), you will be shown the door…swiftly!

Remember, Cooler Heads Prevail. Thanks for reading.

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